Shortly you will find info / videos on sailing manuevers, especially

single handed tack

single handed spinnaker jibe

Spinnaker hoist


Preparation is essential. Most of my fuckups were related to this and being careless. The kite has to be packed so that there will be no hour glass or (and it happened to me) head and tack might be mixed up. It is very helpful to know on which side you will set the kite, so you can attach the halyard on the beat, same as sheets.

I prefer to fix the bag behind the shrouts so it will not be squeezed by the jib. Try to do it when the side is to windward so it is less stressful. The bag should be clipped to the rail wire. Attach the sheets and make sure the sail is not pulled out. Also attach the halyard but clip it on the wire orf the rail.

When on the final leg of the beat, clip the pole on the guy and lift it to horizontal.

Pull the guy until the edge of the sail touches the forestay. Fix the guy so the pole cannot reach the forestay.

Pull the halyard quickly to its end ( you should mark the position in the jammer).

Trim the guy approximately and then get the sheet in....

Finetrim the guy and toplifter and downfucker and breeeeaaaathe

spinnaker douse

sail trim

How to make your boat faster