Replacing the main bulkhead

This job should be done with the utmost care and precision although the original bulkhead is not a real structural element. I have made it significantly stronger to minimize the hull's twist.

The main bulkhead is made of 16mm plywood. It consists of 3 parts that are vertically put together with so called "fishes"

The bulkheads are mounted before the deck and then laminated from front and back to the hull. The deck is only laminated from the front to the bulkhead.

The bulkhead on Jocker has been repaired with 4mm plywood in the upper area, as there was a crack on the upper edge of the door.

In the lower section I could detect swelling due to water in hollow areas near the mast. So, off went the bulkhead.

Below you can get a spacious impression of the interiour without bulkhead.

The new bulkhead was made of 2 layers of plywood in each 3 sections. The optical saloon layer (teak) was seperated twice vertically, the front was seperated once horizontally. The reason is that all parts have to pass the compagnion way of 820mm width max.  The lower part was reinforced with 2 extra layers of plywood and 5 layers of e glass.

lower section

saloon layer after laquering

Everything was laminated into the hull and deck with 10 layers of 420 gr biaxial laid e glass. The door received a massive frame made of epoxy and 300m glass rovings.

The rock solid and beautiful result:

Cost: Approx 500 EUR

Time: 40 hrs