Here I will explain how you can laminate a carbon spin pole for a fraction of the cost.

1. Mandrel

I have used a 45mm aluminum tube of 4500mm total length. The outer diameter of the carbon tube was chosen 68mm with a wall of 3mm. You need to make sure that the tube is absolutely straight!!! As an intermediate layer I have used rubber hoses with an outer dia of 62 mm. The hoses had a lenght of 500mm and were cut in axial direction twice (2 half pipes)

Between alu tube and rubber hoses I applied as much silicon as possible and then wrapped everything carefully with 40 wide mylar tape (spiral with 10mm overlap). The outside of the taped surface was treated with antitack wax.

2. Turning device

The finished mandrel was fixed between 2 drilling machines that I lined up so I could turn the mandrel very slowly, like 10rpm.

3. Materials

I have used 40mm wide carbon UD tape (360g) and 7 layers. The choice was epoxy resin for medium temperatures that does not need high temperature temper process. Also I had some Kevlar Yarn.

4. First layer

I made the mandrel turn slowly and applied epoxy resin with some mico balls to get the viscosity up. Then carefully wrap the first layer as a spiral from one side to the other. No overlap, no gaps. Then, in the opposite angle I spiralized the Kevlar yarn with a pitch of abt 5 mm to fix the layer in position.

5, Second layer

This is complicated. This layer has to go in a straight line. To save money I chose the same tape but do recommend to use 300mm wide UD layer (fixed crosswise with yarn). Then fix it again with Kevlar yarn.

6. Third layer

Same as first but opposite angle. Fix again with Kevlar yarn.

7. Fourth layer

see 5.


The last layer again is spiralized and as it is optical, you need to spend mor time and care.

Make sure that you use enough resin!!!

After the lamination job (3 hrs) I wrapped the whole thing with mylar tape (40mm width with 30mm overlap) and a lot of tension, as I did not have any vacuum pump. This also creates a smooth and shiny surface.

8. Finish

Carbon / Epoxy is not UV resistant! You need to apply a PU coat. I made the tube turn and applied the coat with a simple brush and let it dry during rotation.

9. Pull the mandrel

Epoxy shrinks a bit so you need a lot of power to pull it. I estimate the force to 2500 N in this case.

10.  End fittings

You need a shaped mandrel. Then you use carbon knitted hoses. Very easy. For the mandrel you can also use foam or a bottle, whatever comes across.

My pole of 4230 mm length cost me 170 EUR and 10hrs of work. 2.6 kgs is not a bad result. TRY!