There are some JODs with water ballast, like Ninjod, Dinah, Audacious etc.

Jocker will get ballast tanks end of this year. The choice is made to approx 300l each side.

The system will be similar like on the other JODs but hopefully a bit more simple.

The budget is set to 1200 € and abt. 75 hrs of work. I will use an electrical pump (rule 3700).

The tanks will only get 1 pipe of 3" and the pump will feed the system with 1.5" hoses.

I am not yet sure abt. the scoop, as the part from Sofomarin is extremely expensive. Maybe I will build one myself from carbon or stainless steel.

The tanks will be made from 8mm plywood, covered with 1 Layer of e Glass on each side. The bulkheads will be 12 mm plywood, inspection hatches 8mm polycarbonate.

The control of the valves will be done with springs that close the valves and ropes to open from the cockpit.