Being a dinghy sailor this topic was quite new for me and so a long and bad row of trial and error started, which has not yet come to an end.

My 11 MOD seven11 came with International VC17m extra. When liftet out of the water it was full of pocks. The supplier told me that not enough layers had been applied. So I tried again and failed.

I took off everything down to the gelcoat and applied 4 layers of Gelshield 200 and Micron Extra. No pocks but the roughest surface ever.

JOD Jocker sailed in the med with VC Offshore. New experiment: I painted the hull with Hempel Glide speed white, keel and rudder with VC17m extra, orange.

The application of VC 17m extra was a pain in the arse. I had to do it 6 times!

The Hempel Glide speed was easy to paint and the result was smooth and shiny.

Here is the result how the boat came out of the water. I had to scratch pocks every 2 weeks, but the last 4 weeks the water was way too cold for diving so...

Hempel explained the desaster with increased water temperatures and that this result was normal!

 The "High performance" Antifouling VC17m extra even worked out worse!

But International was very helpful and donated new Micron extra Antifouling and primer which seems to be the only solution.

Lessons learned:

  • Travemunde is one of the world's most difficult environments
  • Teflon based "Antifoulings" only work on fast boats (>20 kts)
  • same is true for "Shark skin" or other Silocone based materials
  • copper coats are expensive and fail in Travemunde
  • There is no white antifouling (no copper)
  • Muscels and pocks create a glue which artificial's copy is used to bond Teflon!
  • In difficult areas use a copper based erosive paint

These are my experiences. Other people may experience different things.


I love to use International Perfection. I have painted some boats with brush and roller and the results were surprising.

You need to spend 80% of the work for preperation, 20% for painting. Usually I use 1 or 2 layers of 2k Prekote and 2 layers of Perfection.

I use Prekote for paintjobs inside the boat as well as it give a matt surface and is very durable!

Make sure:

  • not to grind and paint on the same day
  • to wait 10 mins after mixing the paint to release bubbles
  • not to use too much paint (noses)
  • that you use clean brush and roller (wash with thinner)
  • to wash the surface with a lot of water, do not use Aceton!!!
  • to remove all silicone (silicone remover, not Acetone)
  • to have good ventilation (not WIND!) for health reasons

This is the result of seven11