November 2013


December 2011

We are back on track after a long and at the end hopeless fight against the cancer. Jocker will be back in the water next year and maybe I can start racing (hopefully). But I am also looking for some nice cruising with my daughter an friends.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This has been the longest period with no updated and I do appologize for being that quiet. My family has gone through a very difficult year and we all feel very much exhausted. So in the last winter there have been only a few projects that I can report about. I will try to modify this page a bit over the next few months.

You can see some new things at "technical projects".

New gennakerpole

New tiller

New halyard jammers

New backstay trimming (pictures later)

New Jib barberhaulers (pictures later)

I have also started to buy bits and pieces for the water ballast which I will install end of this year. Against my prevoious plans I will add 290 l per side only.

Due to all the things laying behind us, I will not race seriously this year :-(( and rebuild my power and motivation.

Sunday, April 11

Long time no update. Sorry to those (if any) who follow this site frequently.

I was busy getting JOCKER back into the water. Winter projects have (as always exceeded my plans and due to the cold and long winter the last 3 weeks were packed with a lot of hours.

More: see technical projects.

Monday, March 2nd

Snow is slowly melting and I am counting the days to get Jocker back into the water. Still many things to do. The hull section round the keel needs to be repaired as cracks occured caused by voids in the laminate... French technology.

Autopilot went in on sunday. First dry test on Friday together with installation of the new electric panel. Details to be updated in 2 weeks in "Technical Projects"

Whilst I am getting desperate about the f...... winter, others try to sail fast. Groupama 3 is chasing the record in the Jules Verne Trophy.

Information from their website.

"Around 1,000 miles from Cape Horn, the sailing conditions are fairly sporty with over thirty knots of NW'ly wind and, most importantly, fairly chaotic seas. The obligation to deviate from the direct course by carving out a curved wake which has seen Groupama 3 climb to 47° S, has caused her to lose a large part of the lead she'd acquired in the middle of the Pacific Ocean."

Wish I were there.....

Monday, Feb 15th, 2010

News on my rudder bearing. See "Technical projects"

Where is spring? I am getting crazy!!!! This is the front of our home. I judge weather in 4 categories: Sailing or non sailing, in or outside epoxy temperature. Today was non sailing out off the epoxy region!!!

Sunday, Feb 14th, 2010

The Cup goes back to the US!!!

No matter what all discussions in the past were about. This match has been a milestone in sailing history. BWW Oracle today had a pace of 33 kts in a breeze of 8 kts. This is 4 times the windspeed. The windward leg was really thrilling and Alinghi had chosen the right (!) side of the course. But down to the gybe mark the pace of USA was outstanding, leaving Alinghi 5 chanceless.

All teams attempting to break speed records, no matter 24 hrs, 500m, trans atlantic, round the world, will have to redesign their concept. Back to the drawing board and get a wing sail.

This cup also leaves myself with the impression that 8 kts upwind is not fast at all, lead is something for new year's eve and dacron is a material from last century.

How to build a suitable wing sail....?

Friday, Feb. 12th, 2010

A fantastic win for USA in the 33rd AC!!!

Today we got the appoval that BMW Oracle's wing concept is clearly dominating over Alinghi's catamaran. After a 650m lead Alinghi lost metre after metre within seconds. USA was pointing some degrees higher and had both windward hulls constantly airborne.

Also downwind the gap went bigger and bigger. Just in the last third of the race Alinghi could go with a similar VMG.

I was wrong with my bet, but I think this was all abt the excitement...

Thursday, Feb 11th, 2010

I never thought that I could have an advantage over the competitors in the AC: I spend less money for not sailing!

Tomorrow is another racing day or better: another day for an attempt to race. Unfortunately there are several weather systems surrounding Valencia and so most probably we will again see light and shifty winds. The forecast says N-W 2-8 kts...

Have changed my plans for the gennaker pole. It will be cylindrical (easier to make). Production will start within a few weeks.

Temperatures and snow keep me from working on Jocker and schedule is now getting tight....


Monday, Feb 8th, 2010

No race today in the America's Cup. Race has been postponed and racecourse moved, but the light wind was too shifty and so the race has been abondoned in the early afternoon.

Forecast for tomorrow is 20 kts from NW and lot more winds in the north so there is a pretty good chance that the yachts will not go out.

Today we could see 2 megatoys drifting in oily water, tomorrow probably discussions ashore. Hopefully none of the boats (or whatever they should be called) will be damaged prior to the first race.

Finally in these conditions it will be hard to get a real competition. The slower boat will tack away right after the start and hope for some luck on the other side. There is only a small chance to see a close cover or a downwind gybe duell like in the AC before.

I just hope that the competitors will meet afterwards and let the boats sail against each other to see which concept is better in which condition. But most probably we will get 2 enormously expensive pieces of carbon scrab.

Hoping for something moving on the water tomorrow. Is ther a sailing life after the winter? 


Saturday, Feb 6th, 2010

The 33rd America's Cupis close at hand. Weather forecast predicts a southerly of 10 - 15 kts for the time of the warning signal. But conditions can change quickly...

(By the way: I bet on Alinghi,in my eyes the better allrounder!)

Snow started melting this week but harsh cold will return during next week with loads of snow. Today I connected most of the wires for the autopilot and put the Diesel tank back in place.

I noticed that the nut of the engine fuel line had a linear crack!!! Never seen that before.

Also I have decided to build the gennaker poleas soon as possible.


Lenght: 2250mm with 1500mm outboard

Bobstay of Dyna one 6mm

dia (80 / 50mm), wall 3.0mm, epoxy -carbon

The pole will be retractable from the cockpit and move on a slider, similar to the new Pfeiffer system. More soon in "technical projects."


Sunday, Jan 31, 2010

Only a few days are left until the start of the next America's Cup.

There have been a lot of discussions, wether this race will be the end of the cup etc etc. At the end of the day it is a big step forward in sailing technology.

I just hope that none of the competitors will clearly dominate the event so that we can follow thrilling races.

If you want to get the really latest news about the cup, have a look here: http://www.valenciayacht.blogspot.com/


Really looking forwrd to launching Jocker back into her element, but weather conditions are keeping me in front of the oven...

Yesterday night we had about 30 cm of new snow. SPRING where are you?

Today's impression of Travemunde beach. At least the sea is free of ice now.